Community Oversight In The News:

Community Oversight Now Launches Charter Referendum Petition

Community Oversight Board Dies in Council


“COB legislation passes on first reading Pushback from White Democratic council members”

By PRIDE Newsdesk                                                                                                         November 9, 2017



“We just feel strongly that police should not police themselves,” said Jackie Sims, a member of Community Oversight Now. “A community oversight board provides for clarity and transparency so the community knows that justice was served.”

“Metro Council To Hear Proposal For Oversight Board To Investigate Police Misconduct”

By Julieta Martinelli at Nashvill Public RadioWays
November 2, 2017

 “We have been doing this work for almost a year now and our work has resulted in the piece of legislation that is in front of the council right now. Most of the people doing the work are people in organizations of color,” said Theeda Murphy with Justice for Jocques Coalition. “Of course we want [Barry] to support the legislation, we need her support, but we don’t want her to ignore the fact that we’ve already done all this work. And that the legislation is strong. We are afraid that it will be watered down.”

Community Oversight Now! pushes for citizen review board for Nashville police

By WKRN Staff

July 17, 2017

“You don’t just leave it up to the restaurant to inspect themselves. We shouldn’t leave it up to the police department to inspect themselves either,” said Arnold Hayes.

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July 17, 2017: Community Oversight Now presentation before Budget & Finance and Minority Caucus committees

“Activists Renew Push for Community Oversight of Police”

By Stephen Hale at the Nashville SceneSUPPORt
June 30, 2017

“In the face of opposition from Mayor Megan Barry and Metro Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson, activists and community groups are renewing their push for a community oversight board that give civilians a role in reviewing police conduct…”

“This is What Democracy Looks Like”

By Peter White at the Tennessee Tribunetribune article
July 6, 2017

“Like the abolitionists and freedom riders before them, they began their meeting with a prayer. About 150 people came to the Gordon Memorial UMC on Herman St. last week to talk about a police department that treats too many people like criminals…”

“Organizations, Community Renew Call for Citizen Review Board”

By Mikayla Lewis at Fox 17
June 30, 2017Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 11.33.54 AM

“A renewed call tonight for a citizens review board for Metro police. This follows the death of Jocques Clemmons, shot to death by Metro PD officer, Joshua Lippert during a traffic stop. The District Attorney reviewed the case, clearing the officer….”

The proposed Nashville COB in a glimpse:




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